Destiny, David, Sara, and Jocho at 2023 RCO Unification Summit

Destiny, David, Sara, and Jocho at 2023 RCO Unification Summit

The 2023 Georgia RCO Unification Summit, “Nothing About Us, Without Us”, was an experience that touched us on a deeply personal level. As a team representing Phoenix RCO, we were accompanied by our wonderful colleagues, Sara Crerar, Jocho Byrd, David Miller, and Destiny Adams-Clark. Together, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in enlightening workshops and forging connections with like-minded Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) and individuals who share our mission.

Under the guidance of the wonderful hosts, Brian Kite and Jesse Harless from The Georgia Council for Recovery, the summit provided a welcoming space for open conversations and personal storytelling. The passion and dedication of the diverse attendees, all working towards reducing stigma and supporting those on the recovery journey, left us truly inspired.

During the workshops, we collaborated with other RCOs, exchanging experiences and insights. It was empowering to collectively explore ways to improve access to resources, build stronger community partnerships, reduce stigma, and share best practices among all RCOs.

One of the most memorable aspects was connecting with individuals who have personal experiences with recovery. Engaging in interviews, group discussions, and workshops deepened our understanding of the recovery community. The connections we made and the stories we shared left a lasting impact on us.

The summit highlighted the importance of unity and collective action within the recovery community. Witnessing everyone come together, fueled by a shared purpose and genuine desire to make a positive impact, was truly inspiring. We left the summit feeling reinvigorated and determined to continue our work within Phoenix RCO, armed with the connections and knowledge gained from the workshops.

Reflecting on our experience at the 2023 Georgia RCO Unification Summit, we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with incredible individuals and organizations. Through collaboration and shared insights, we believe in creating a brighter future for all individuals on their recovery journeys

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